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Presentation Assistant Pro is a professional edition of Presentation Assistant. It is a cute whiteboard software which helps in technical presentation, education, demonstration, explaining, and internal meeting at work or if you just need to explain someone something on your computer. Presentation Assistant Pro allows users to draw on screen directly and zoom into certain portions for quick explanation, so the interpretation or demonstration can be clearer. Moreover, it offers more additional tools ? Spotlight, Curtain, Screen Digital Clock, Arrow Point, Magnification, Screen Capture etc. Presentation Assistant could offer a significant help during a product demonstration or foil presentation when there is a need to make annotation on screen for better illustration. Presentation Assistant Pro can helps you preside over a meeting more effectively. It enables you to open documents or programs quickly, and play background music conveniently during the presentation. Presentation Assistant Pro edition offer more features which makes it easy for your audience to follow your actions on the screen. It adds cursor highlighting abilities and mouse click effects. It also displays your keystrokes on screen and allows you to draw on video while it is playing. Presentation Assistant is a must have for presentations.

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